CUN寸DESIGN, as a dark horse in the Asian design society, has attracted much attention in the international design field in recent years. CUN 寸DESIGN has won dozens of heavyweight awards and honors with their well-designed projects in over 25 counties and regions around the world, like the United States, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Hundreds of international media have paid extensive attention to and reported on the projects of CUN寸DESIGN.


CUN寸DESIGN proposed the concept of corporate operation space. It is the first space design team in China to combine the concepts of art creativity, technology office and green office to complete the efficiency of corporate office. CUN maintains as the pioneer in the field of office design development. Every year our latest thinking on the trends in the office space will be released.



WHAT DO WE DO  / 我們做什么?

business / exhibition / office / art centerbrand /  urban regeneration / commercial complex / brand strategy 

核心商業旗艦店 / 展示及銷售空間 / 企業經營環境設計 / 企業研發基地  / 城市更新 / 商業綜合體 / 品牌策略


Customizing the most suitable operating space for you (corporate office space + corporate business space) is our core service!


We have mainly served continuously globalized China 500 companies and China's emerging enterprises and strived to make CUN 寸DESIGN a powerful boosting force for the continuous development of Chinese enterprises.


We mainly compose the interior design for front business space and back office space, front business space including: the core business flagship stores, display and sales space and other business environment design; the back office space including like: R & D base, office headquarters, corporate chambers and other overall working environmental design.


It is our responsibility to use the design to complete the self-renewal of the city and give the city a new life!


At the same time, we pay attention to and focus on urban renewal construction. In the process of urban renewal and construction, CUN 寸DESIGN has spent a lot of time doing massive research and summarization on Chinese’s 50 to 100-year-old historical buildings, and also proposed that space designers need to pay more attention and advocacy to the time passed. Designers, through good design, should let the emerging business industry regain its life in the old buildings of the city, and make the city become a more ecological existence. The city's self-renewal will inevitably need our efforts and reflections.





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